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The great thing about a Corporate Day from Sydney's Trackschool is that it can be anything you like

Whether you are arranging a day for your company clients, prospective clients or your own business team, Trackschool excels in creating customised driving experiences for companies and organisations.

Corporate Track Days

Trackschool invites, excites and challenges

We invite you in by offering you the chance to mix it with real racing professionals.

We excite you with our inside knowledge of the all things motorsport coming from the professional experience of our instructors and our access to high performance cars.

We challenge you with safe driving prospects specially geared to take you out of your comfort zone.

Corporate Day at the Track

Educational for Everyone

Offering you a sound educational understanding of driving methodology, Sydney’s Trackschool tailors all our driver education activities to the full spectrum of driver experience.

Our Corporate Days are full of rewards.

We know that some drivers will always be the fastest or the surest in any group.

For this reason we take care to devise driving activites and scoring methods that encourage and reward both individual and team efforts.

But we also know how to make it fun for all. We strive to take the confident as well as the less sure to driving places where they are equally challenged and thrilled by the day.

Track days

How do we do this?  Book in for a Corporate Day and find out!

Talk to us about your dream corporate event

When you enrol for a Corporate Day with Trackschool you are welcome to use your own cars.

Or, you can arrange access to our range of race cars. Fully fitted and customised, these cars can be made available to give you something extra in terms of driving pleasure.

However, if you want to make things really interesting, Trackchool revels in requests that will take your Corporate Day  to the next level.

Corporate Day at the Track

At your request we can get our hands on the most impressive performance cars on the market. Think of it! Driving a V8 supercar, a Rally car, a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

And then there's the location and food. We can cater for the most exotic food in sumptous surroundings.

Let us know what takes your fancy in motorsport. Open up a dialogue and we will do our best to fulfil your dreams.

For a quote on your individually prepared Corporate Day and more information contact Trackschool.

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Why not rent one of our racing cars?

Trackschool Car

Apart from the option of driving your own car you can try out one of our fully fitted racing cars to make your day more exciting.

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