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Trackschool has custom built racing cars ready to hire

When it comes to grip, speed and braking, driving a car fully set up for racing is a completely different experience to driving a road car.

Even a high performance road car does not have the same feel or handling power that a fully prepared race car effortlessly delivers.

Hire one of Trackschools fully prepared racing cars and you will appreciate the difference first hand at every turn of every corner as well as on the straight.

It costs from $695 per person to hire a Trackschool car to use at any of our Track Day experiences.

By hiring a car and purchasing a Track Day experience you get access to a Professional Instructor sitting beside you and 5 sessions of drive time. We can customise a package or car to suit your needs and budget. Contact us for more information.


Trackschool has teamed up with VolksMuller to offer you a track prepped VW Golf GTI.

Trackschool has teamed up with VolksMuller to offer you a track prepped VW Golf GTI with a DSG gear box - Automatics are no longer the slow option.

This car is a wolf in sheeps clothing as this car has over 300hp. Mods include Stage 2 APR engine and gearbox tune, Bilstein B16 shocks, Super Pro sway bars and lower alloy control arms, DS2500 brakes all round. AGI roll cage, 18x8 Koya wheels and Toyo R888R tyres. Pricing from $795 per Day.

trackschool Nissan pulsar Nissan pulsar for hire

Mazda MX5

One of the biggest selling sportscars in the world.

We have 3 x MX5s in our fleet. These cars are super fun, light weight race cars. Make no mistake, these cars are fitted with huge aftermarket brakes, roll cages, after market coil over suspension, race seats, harnesses, sticky race tyres, are extremely popular, and are perfect for a track day. These are great value for money from $695 per day.

hire mx5 trackschool mazsa mx5

Porsche 911

Imagine driving a lightweight Porsche 911, on the track.

We've sourced a left hand drive (this is the original Porsche 911 design specification offering a more pure experience) air cooled Porsche 911 that is in perfect track readiness.  Our race-spec Porsche 911 features upgraded brakes, lightened body (to a wet weight of just over 1000kg including a full cage), Recaro seats and harness, a short shifter and a 3.0 litre engine - this is the essence of Porsche 911 with none of the electronic nannies to be found in modern road cars.

Click here for more details: Porsce 911 Track Day Experience.

trackschool Nissan pulsar Nissan pulsar for hire

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One On One Private Tuition

performance driving school

You can use your own car, or one of our track prepared race cars. Our 1-1 Tuition days are a relaxed way of giving you a full day of qualtiy driver training. These days are for first timers, to experienced track racers.

Click here for more details