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Trackschool is proud to be able to provide Motorsport Australia & AASA Observed Licence Tests (OLTs)

Motorsport licences are issued in Australia by Motorsport Australia and AASA. You can include an Observed Licence Test (OLT) at any of our Trackschool Track Day Experiences.

Motorsport Australia & AASA Observed Licence Tests (OLTs)

Motorsport Licensing in a nutshell

Motorsport licences are issued in Australia by Motorsport Australia and AASA.
To get your first licence you will:

  • Submit a licence application which contains a medical form.
  • Expect an email with an online lecture. This lecture is a pre-requisite for receiving a licence.
  • Receive a Pre-Licence Authority (PLA).
  • Book your Observed Licence Test (with Trackschool), using the PLA.
  • Receive your licence upon passing your OLT.

Book your OLT with Trackschool

Trackschool is accredited and certified by both Motorsport Australia and AASA to carry out Observed Licence Testing.

  • Trackschool OLTs take place regularly throughout the year
  • Trackschool provides training as part of the OLT day
  • Trackschool OLTs cover all licencing levels
  • Use your own manual car or take your OLT in a Trackschool car

In an OLT, your practical skills and racing capabilities will be tested. This happens at the licensing stage so that, before open competition, you will have sufficient knowledge and skill to intelligently and safely manoeuvre a vehicle at speed under modified race conditions. Training and testing includes:

  • Basic car preparation and set up
  • Driving techniques and reactions
  • Safety awareness and race procedures
  • Mental attitude to competition
  • Understanding rules and regulations

The OLT is a critical part of motorsport licensing because it protects your life and the lives of other drivers, officials and spectators.

Will you pass the OLT with Trackschool?

Clearly, the more experience and training you have before sitting the OLT, the better your chances are of passing this test.

Simply sitting the observed licence test in no way guarantees or compels Trackschool to issue a OLT. Candidates must pass this test before being issued with an OLT by Trackschool.

While Trackschool does not guarantee success at an OLT after one on one training, Trackschool recommends one on one training prior to sitting the OLT.

For more information about the CAMS/Motorsport Australia Observed Licence Tests and licences see


Observed Licence Testing (OLT) is available at various race tracks depending on the track day experience.


Hire a Trackschool car or use your own manual vehicle*

*Certain vehicles like 4WD off road or commercial vehicles are unsuitable.
*We reserve the right to refuse any car.
*Race cars must have a passenger seat fitted.
*Must be a manual transmission vehicle.

You can hire a race-prepped car with One on One Tuition at all of our Track Days.

OLT Prices

You may also need to pay if required

  • A valid track licence, depending on the track, may be required.

Price includes

  • Full or Half Day course
  • Experienced race drivers/instructors including John Boston, David Sieders, Tim Brook, Dean Evans, Chris Reeves and Len McIntosh (Instructors may vary on the day). All of our instructors have an impressive motorsport portfolio.

Driver requirements

  • Drivers and Passengers must be wearing full length pants and long sleeve top OR a race suit ensuring ankle to wrist is covered.
  • Helmets must be approved and must have a valid standards sticker. Motocross helmets are NOT accepted. (Helmet hire is available).
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn, exposed shoes such as Sandals or Flip Flops are not allowed.

Book a Motorsport Australia or AASA Observed Licence Test (OLT)


You can include an Observed Licence Test (OLT) at any of our Trackschool Track Day Experiences

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