Special Trackschool Track Day at Collie Motorplex, Western Australia's Longest Bitumen Track!

We are excited to announce that Trackschool in association with N Australia is gearing up to deliver high-octane thrills to Western Australia for the first time ever! Come to the famous Collie Motorplex 2.55km long circuit for a track day that is guaranteed to be spectacular.

Whether you're an experienced racer or new to the circuit, we invite you to Collie Motorplex for a day of adrenaline-packed excitement that will be unforgettable!

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Collie Motorplex (Western Australia) Track Day

Your Car | One on One Tuition | Observed Licences Test (OLT)

    Discover the excitement of performance driving with Trackschool at the famous Collie Motorplex in Western Australia. Our exclusive track day event caters to enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves and refine their driving abilities.

    Featuring professional instructors, first-class facilities, and a welcoming environment, Trackschool provides a unique chance to fully experience your vehicle's capabilities on a secure and regulated racetrack.

    Bring your own car, include a second driver, or utilise your track day for an enjoyable method to obtain your OLT.

    Get excited! Trackschool is coming to Western Australia's Collie Motorplex.

    The Collie Motorplex race track boasts the distinction of being the longest bitumen-licensed racing circuit in Western Australia. It offers two configurations: a short and a long circuit, featuring up to 13 corners, equipped with pits and a race tower.

    For this event, we will be utilising the long circuit, which spans 2.55 kilometers.

    Track Licence

    IMPORTANT: An AASA track licence is required to participate in this event:

    • Option 1 - AASA $25 Day Licence (Available to purchase below)
    • Option 2 - AASA General Speed Event Licence
    • Option 3 - AASA or Motorsport Australia PLA (pre licence authority) to do your OLT

    Buy an AASA $25 Day Licence - Click Here

    • Driver Trainers - Any participant wishing to sit on board as a passenger with another driver for training purposes must obtain a Yearly or Daily AASA Driver Trainers License.
    • Passenger Option - There is no charge for Passengers (FREE), so your family and friends can all experience the fun of a Trackschool Track Day. (minimum age 14).


    Use your own vehicle, one on one tuition from a pro instructor is also an option.

    • Our days are for Production based Sedan, Sports Cars and Clubman Cars.
    • Open wheelers unfortunately are not able to attend this event. This means no Formula Vees, Formula Fords, F3s, Aussie Race Cars, Legend Cars, Future Cars etc.
    • Your car can be road registered or unregistered.
    • Vehicles must be roadworthy; Brakes and Tyres must not be worn out.
    • There must be zero leaks of any kind, oil, fluid or water.
    • Car must be empty. All personal items must be removed from the vehicle.
    • All headlights, tail lights and indicators must be properly working and visible when turned on.
    • Your car can be a standard car to a highly modified race car.
    • If you are unsure about your vehicle, please contact us.

    Noise Restrictions

    Noise limit is 95 dB(A) measured at 30 m. (See our FAQ for further details)

    Age Limits

    • Primary drivers, secondary drivers & passengers must be over 14.
    • Primary drivers, secondary drivers & passengers under 18 require a Parent or Guardian signed Authority.
    • All drivers require a current track licence.
    • Passengers do not require a track licence.

    Price includes

    Track Day in your own car

    • Pro Instructors
    • Max of 5 x groups of cars
    • Plan is for each group to have 5 to 6 x sessions each (a session lasts 15 minutes)
    • 2nd driver option
    • Free passenger sessions
    • Pro Photographer
    • Track Timing
    • Undercover Pit Bays
    • Observed Licence Tests available

    One on one tuition in your own car

    • Half Day
      • 3 x sessions with a pro instructor
      • Additional sessions throughout the day as part of the track day (without an instructor)
    • Full Day
      • 5 x sessions with a pro instructor

    Track amenities

    Car Parking, Food & Drinks, Undercover Pit Bays, Spectator Areas, Accommodation, Medical Centre, BBQ/Campers Kitchen, Tower and Pit Lane.

    Group organisation

    Drivers will be divided into groups according to speed and/or experience. We like to keep the groups relatively small, which means more track time for you and less traffic.

    Driver requirements

    • Drivers and Passengers must be wearing full length pants and long sleeve top OR a race suit ensuring ankle to wrist is covered.
    • Helmets must be approved and must have a valid standards sticker. Motocross helmets are NOT accepted. (Helmet hire is available).
    • Enclosed shoes must be worn, exposed shoes such as Sandals or Flip Flops are not allowed.

    2nd driver requirements

    • Secondary drivers can only drive in the same vehicle and group as primary drivers.
    • Primary drivers and secondary drivers must be over 14 with a Parent or Guardian signed Authority and hold a current Track Licence.
    • Licence Requirements are the same as a Primary Driver (see above).
    • To be in the same group, primary and secondary drivers must have the same experience level.
    • If you would like two drivers who are sharing the same vehicle to be in separate groups you will need to book as two primary drivers.
    • Secondary driver payment and booking can be made together and in advance of the event day or on the day of an event. Second driver fees apply.

    Terms & Conditions

    Please make sure you read and accept all relevant terms and conditions and Liability waivers before attending this event. Click here for details.

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